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About English Junction Press

Welcome to English Junction Press! This website is operated by A Mark Training Co., and it has been created for ESL Students and ESL teachers who are on the A Mark Teacher Roster. We help students who want to improve their English find teachers who are qualified and willing to help by providing guidance and feedback during classes.

Connecting Community through Language Classes

On this website, students find English classes that they want to take. The focus of each 30 minute class is the training session, which happens in the middle of the A Mark 30 Live Class. During this training session, the teacher provides the student with an assessment. The student prepares for this training session before attending the live class. After requesting feedback, students check in for the live class on the English Junction Press website. All live classes are coordinated by A Mark Training Co. on an online video/audio platform which both the student and the teacher are comfortable with (e.g. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc).

Online One-to-One Classes

After booking a class with a teacher with Junction Voucher, students prepare for the class on the PFT website. The PFT website hosts all A Mark Training Co. preparation modules. A Mark Training Co. assigns feedback to student preparation before the student meets the teacher in the online video live class. A Mark Training Co. provides the teacher with access to student preparation and request for feedback. This means that both the teacher and the student are prepared for their online video live class.

Student-Teacher Connections

Students find qualified tutors on the A Mark Junction Board. Students then book a class with that preferred teacher, class name and requested class date/time with pre-purchased Junction Voucher. After both student and teacher confirm the online meeting, students begin preparing for that class on the PFT website. All booked classes appear on the student and teacher class schedule.

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