Maintain your focus

Focus is key if you want to succeed during your live class.

By Aly BardaiĀ 


In this lesson, you watched parts of three interviews with sample questions from Part 1 of the speaking module. Did you notice that the extra notes after each short interview contained a guide for how to further prepare for your training session?

There are 6 sets of assessment tasks below. Choose one that you like and read the extra notes carefully in preparation for your training session. Your teacher may or may not select this task, but if he or she does, you will be ready. Remember, it is better to be prepared for an opportunity that doesn't happen than to be unprepared for one that arises.

It is important for you as a student to maintain your focus during the training session. In my experience, many students do not progress because they get distracted by thoughts and ideas which are not related to the task. Focus on the objective of each assessment task (to receive green flag feedback from your teacher), and you will be on your way to success.